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ILM Training - What Happens Next?


We are currently talking to people about our next ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring course, and Sue Sharp and I thought it would be a good idea to find out how some of the participants from the last course are getting on. I spoke with Victoria Wilken of Workology and I was blown away by all the uses she is finding for her new clean skills…

What made you want to do the ILM course in the first place?

I was working with Genius Within (a neurodiversity organisation) and I was introduced to Clean Language and asked to do Clean Coaching and I didn’t know what it was. I got curious and found that it was different from anything else I’d done.

I decided to do the ILM course because:

  • It was more than just coaching.
  • It was a theory-based course and I saw the added value in that.
  • It complemented my psychology background and connects psychology with education.
  • I struggle with words and had done a dyslexia assessment and I found that I fit the dyslexia profile and I knew that this course caters well for people with dyslexia.

The course gave me a framework that I can work from really well – and it was much more than straightforward coaching.

And when it complemented your psychology background, what kind of complemented is that?

It complements my business, education and psychology background. The ‘Clean’ and the business qualities of the course work well inall of these contexts.

This course enabled us to hold people in a coaching space and to delve quite deep. It goes beyond the regular coaching and it is richer –it brings more colour to life.

When you were doing the course did you get what you wanted?

Way beyond. I am honest and outspoken. I had the most amazing experience I have ever had. I cried a lot! I was visible and I was listened to– and I think that is very hard to achieve in any training.

There was equality and diversity – I felt that everyone was equal and that we were all respected and valued. I have been on lots of training courses and am fussy - and I loved your training styles. You struck the balance between input and listening skills and looking at the non-verbal elements too. I had never experienced that before and I felt really supported and safe.

How have you used what you learned since the course?

I use it a lot. I am a business psychologist and I’ve been going into large public sector organisations and delivering coaching training;I assess the client’s needs and then bring in the 5 Senses model. After a while they get it and totally love it. I use it a lot in delivering coaching courses.

I have used it in a prison and with neuro-diversity clients in organisations. I use psychometric assessments in my work and I use what I learned with those. I also use Clean Feedback a lot in focus groups and when networking. I have used it with local councils for managing conflict and team building.

I have used it in designing interviews and in career work in school academies.

What’s the smallest thing from the course that made a difference?

It made me more tolerant of differences. I was tolerant before and now I am better able to explain those differences. I feel more empowered to challenge in a non-drama way and if there is drama I can speak it and name it – and then that gives me choice.

The future?

I want to continue - I would like to come on a more detailed and in-depth Clean Language course.

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About Stuart Clark

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After spending 25 years in business operations, leadership and management, Stuart Clark decided to change his career path and to focus on his belief that everyone can work together from a position of ‘I’m OK; you’re OK’ and the idea of producing results that benefit everybody. Stuart believes in detecting patterns in organisations and people and, in turn, working towards sustainable solutions and outcomes. He loves to use Systemic Modelling, the language of curiosity and exquisite listening to create transformational change. Stuart is a Level 5 accredited Business Coach and Mentor with the Institute of Leadership & Management, a Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified Clean Language Facilitator. He coaches individuals using Clean Language , Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space - and groups using Systemic Modelling. He has also worked as a coach and supervisor for Genius Within, coaching people with neuro-diverse conditions including dyslexia, multiple sclerosis and brain injuries.

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