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Culture Change with Senior Leaders in Education

Culture Change with Senior Leaders in Education

Creating the conditions for Culture Change for Senior Leaders in Education. 

Caitlin was invited to support a new in post Headteacher who was facing challenges in getting her leadership team to work together. 


What did we do first? 

Interviewed the team using clean questions, clean interview techniques and systemic modelling to uncover what they needed to be working/managing and growing the school at their best. 

What did we do with that information? 

Using the Clean Feedback model, we allowed the team to share with colleagues in a non-judgemental way, work works well and not so well for them.  Inspiring them to enquire into each other’s values, beliefs and experiences and create a network of intelligence through the group. 

How did this help? 

They introduced the notion of meta-programmes and patterns of preferences in working style. The Senior Leadership Team sited themselves accross continuums and talked about thier needs and preferences. 

For example:

Who needed details to be motivated by a bigger picture and who needed the bigger picture to be motivated to go into the detail?

Who naturally sorted for what was working and what was appreciated before looking at what might need changing?

Who naturally noticed what was wrong or needed changing and spent less attention on what was already there or going well.


Outcomes for the intervention
The outcomes for the intervention, taking all the interviews into consideration, are:

 To rebuild relationships across the Senior Leadership Team so that they can work more effectivley together.

 To enable the group to be able to raise concerns that are then enquired into in a robust and psychologically safe way.

 That individuals are made aware of the difference betweenevidence and inference and how the saem actions can mean differennt things to differnt people. 

 And following this awareness, that they create a culture where conflict can be managed transparantly.


What are the benefits for an organsiation or workplace who can create a culture of conflict free collaboration? 

Happy work force 

Reduced sickness absence

More productive and creative approach to problems

Better work and life balance

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