Clean Coaching is Green Coaching

On my way out of a small co-op health food store in San Luis Obispo the other day I saw a local green directory, Solstice, which is published for the area I live - along the Central Coast of California. I looked at the directory and was about to pass by, but something made me pick up a copy. And in that moment it dawned on me that Clean Coaching is Green Coaching.

Green is an over arching term often used with the ideas of organic and ecological sustainability. It is about reducing our impact on the planet, the support of natural systems and creating a lifestyle that works with nature and does no long-term damage. It means contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance of the environment the planet’s natural systems and resources. Green is about being free of synthetic additive, preservatives and un-natural influences. It is seen as good for self, good for other and good for the planet.

Clean is an overarching term that we use in relationship to a philosophy in coaching and therapy that is designed to preserve and utilize the natural ecology of a person’s nature. As clean facilitators we do not add our input into the client’s ecological system; we help create an environment for change by utilizing exactly what the client provides. Our intention is to amplify what naturally occurs in a client’s system, to do no harm and only use the naturally occurring resources of the client.

This creates change that belongs to the person. It is designed and developed by them. Mother nature knows best and so do our clients.

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About the author

Sharon Small

Trainer, San Luis Obispo
Sharon has a B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian symbolism. She was the first Certified Clean Facilitator in North America, and runs trainings in the USA. She is also a recognised Clean Assessor.


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