Clean Approaches for Wannabee Coaches

Not that I was planning to become a coach, but I was increasingly desperate to do something ‘non corporate’ with my life. I was on Eventbrite, when a catchy event title caught my eye: Clean Approaches for Coaches book launch.  I googled, booked and turned up 2 days later. I liked what I heard, the people I met and the slight quirkiness of it, so I bought the book, opened it the next day, and stopped at the end of prelude - it was so right for me! 

There was:

• Respect for my way of being
• No advice being offered
• No dependent role

Here was a non-intrusive style that I could even use with my 12-year-old for ‘competition nerves’.

I had a decision that I wasn’t facing, so I investigated the possibility of a coaching session with Marian and discovered that a session has a fixed and manageable cost of £95 and no ‘hooks’. ☺ I booked a session, and loved it! There was also a great outcome: having made the decision to commit to my new path, I strapped my corporate employee metaphor to a 2 pound bag of sugar, threw it overboard and set sail for the island of hearts.

And then… Marian suggested we work together; she wanted help with business growth skills and I wanted to work with the heart community.

And then… that afternoon, I made the commitment to a new venture (a not for profit start up teaching entrepreneurs). I jumped onto their island and was met with a huge welcome☺.

And now...  I'm working with two heart businesses and doing Marian’s Clean Facilitator training next week!

The metaphors Marian helped me to develop are still active, within me - and actually still developing. I'm amazed that 90 minutes and £95 made such a difference.

And now I’m thinking: Why isn’t Clean Metaphor Creation humungous?  It should be.

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About the author

Lynn Wade

Coach & Trainer, Havant, Hampshire
Lynn works as a coach, trainer and mentor, using her clean facilitation skills to helping people to grow their businesses. She has 15 years of strengths-based coaching practice and holds a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a certified Clean Facilitator.


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