Caitlin Walker Inspires TEDx Merseyside

We are very excited that Caitlin Walker has given a talk at TEDx Merseyside, which is now available on YouTube - and embedded below. 

TEDx, an offshoot of TED Talks, encourages local people to run TED-style events which bring people together to spread worthwhile ideas.

Caitlin's 20-minute talk is entitled "Clean Questions and Metaphor Models: A Language on Inquiry". In it she tells the story of her quest to find a tool that would allow people to see the rules they and other people were living by and to find ways to challenge those rules in a non-judgemental way. She introduces the audience to clean questions as she tells of the first time she came across David Grove, an event that 'completely changed my life'. Leaving her partner and her PhD, she got a job as a youth worker with '10 of the worst kids in the worst school in Hackney' and experimented with using clean questions to help the kids to learn about themselves and each other, as well as maths and other subjects.

Towards the end of the talk, Caitlin tells how she used clean questions at Liverpool John Moore University and in other contexts. Encouraging the audience to go away and try these questions for themselves, she says: "These questions are simple and they are really easy to learn. They are very tricky to apply because you have to give up being yourself and everything you normally do, but they are very effective."

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