Body Metaphors

Body Metaphors

On page 73 of Clean Approaches for Coaches, I mention that I have collected over 600 'body' metaphors. To start with, here are all those that relate to the head...

  • get out of your head
  • blow your top
  • bang your head against a brick wall
  • on your own head be it
  • get your head round it
  • hot head
  • egg head
  • head and shoulders above
  • make headway
  • at loggerheads
  • knock an idea on the head
  • head strong
  • bite your head off
  • head over heals in love
  • head in the sand
  • lose your head
  • clear head
  • head of state
  • a head start
  • he faced it head on
  • big headed
  • like a bear with a sore head
  • I couldn't get her out of my head
  • head in the clouds
  • it went right (or way) over my head
  • head out west
  • round head
  • head over to my place
  • head of state / department etc
  • need to get my head sorted out
  • I need to get my head straight
  • bite your head off
  • got a heads up
  • head shrinking
  • keep your head above water
  • hold one's head high
  • head hunted
  • off the top of my head
  • numbskull
  • brainstorm
  • pick your brain
  • blow your brains out
  • no brainer
  • brain box
  • brainchild
  • brain dump
  • brainwashing
  • brain dead
  • open mind
  • the mind boggles
  • out of sight, out of mind
  • mind bending
  • mind expanding
  • splitting hairs
  • a hair's breadth between...
  • tearing my hair out
  • hairy situation
  • bad hair day
  • keep your hair on
If you know of any more 'head' metaphors, please do let us know.

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Body Metaphors


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