Practice Group

How We Decide

23 June, 2010 by Marian Way

Clean Language is a great modelling tool, and we spent our time at this month's practice group modelling how we make good decisions...

Developing Resource Metaphors

17 May, 2010 by Marian Way

Our Practice Group topic this month was Developing Resource Metaphors. We started with a discussion about what is a resource, concluding that anything could be a resource, depending on how it is used / perceived. Next we looked at how to develop a resource metaphor, including finding the source of the resource and discovering the effects of knowing that.

Modelling Tension

19 April, 2010 by Marian Way

This month's Practice Group meeting featured a choice of two activities: Modelling Tension (or whatever the person's word for that happened to be) and Guess the Picture in which we used clean questions to elect details about pictures, aiming for a close match. 

Metaphors and Values

15 March, 2010 by Marian Way

Our topic for this months Practice Group was Metaphors and Values. This was inspired by conversations with coaches who want to practise their Clean Language skills but do not yet feel confident to use Clean Language for a whole session. 

Clean and ...

15 February, 2010 by Marian Way

Our topic for this Practice Group meeting was “Clean and …”. Several people in the group use Clean in combination with other models and methodologies and the idea was to find out how they do this.

What’s Your Problem?

18 January, 2010 by Marian Way

We normally emphasise the need to help clients to focus on their desired outcomes, using the PRO (Problem, Remedy, Outcome) model. For this practice group, we decided to put our attention on the nature of people's problems.

Directing Attention

14 December, 2009 by Marian Way

Our Practice Group topic this month was “Directing Attention”. Of course, every Clean Language session is an exercise in directing attention. That’s what it’s all about – every question is designed to have someone pay attention to some aspect of their experience and to find out more about it. And all of this is, of course, in service of the client's desired outcome.

The PRO Model

16 November, 2009 by Marian Way

At this month's Practice Group we tried an activity based around the 'PRO' Model. This model was devised by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley to give facilitators a way to keep a client's attention on their desired outcome:

Pure Practice

20 October, 2009 by Marian Way

This month's Practice Group consisted of 'Pure Practice', meaning that group members were free to choose which aspect of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling to focus on.

Modelling Perspectives

21 September, 2009 by Marian Way

Our Practice Group topic this month was "Modelling Perspectives". This was inspired by Penny and James's presentation at the recent Clean Conference, and indeed we used their ideas as the basis for our evening.

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