Practice Group

Just Three Questions - and Similar Rules

25 July, 2011 by Marian Way

This month's practice group was based on an idea from James Lawley: "Often the bigger the constraint the more learning, e.g. see how long you can keep going using just one of the Clean Language questions."

Objects as Symbols

21 April, 2011 by Marian Way

Following on from Clean Constellations last month, we decided to experiment with similar process, using objects (e.g. Lego bricks, Russian dolls, coins, stones) rather than people as representatives. Of course it then becomes a different process, but has the advantage that instead of needing a whole group of people to cooperate, it is possible to work 1-2-1.

Clean Constellations

21 March, 2011 by Marian Way

As well as our usual evening session, a few of us met all day for an extended practice group session, all on the subject of Clean Constellations. This was run by Jordan Collier and John Barlow, who had recently been on Lynne Burney’s 2-day Systemic Representations workshop and who wanted an opportunity to practise.

Working With Physical Symptoms

21 February, 2011 by Marian Way

The topic this evening was ‘working with physical symptoms’. We agreed we would start by asking about the symptom and to develop this into a symbol / metaphor, and then to find out what the symptom (or the client) would like to have happen. We started with a demo, where the symptom was ‘creaky knees’, which reminded the client of a creaky ship.

How Resourceful Are You?

17 January, 2011 by Marian Way

The topic for this month's Practice Group was Modelling Resources. We started with a short discussion of what is a resource. I drew a quick sketch to show the difference between a resource, a problem and a desired outcome and we agreed that we would keep one another's attention in the 'resource' box on the diagram. 

Modelling Time

13 December, 2010 by Marian Way

This month's topic was Modelling Time, and we worked in pairs, starting each session with a Clean Set Up (devised by Caitlin Walker and Dee Berridge), which involves asking three 'starter' questions with two or three questions of each response.

When a Client’s Metaphor Landscape Changes

18 October, 2010 by Marian Way

Our topic this month was ‘recognising and developing change’. We spent a short while at the start of the meeting talking about how to recognise a change, once a stable 3D metaphor landscape has been established, and about what to do when you recognise it.

Scope and Category

20 September, 2010 by Marian Way

We started the meeting this month with a ‘Clean Set Up’, asking each other what we would like the evening to be like, what we’d need to be like and what support we needed. Individual answers varied, of course, but some common themes emerged, to do with connecting back with Clean Language, and the environment being easy-going, relaxed and fun.

Making 2- and 3-D Models

16 August, 2010 by Marian Way

We started our meeting this month with the question: "What would you like to have happen?" and it was good to see everyone getting really valuable information from their sessions. Lego, paper and coloured pens were available for making 2- and 3D models of the metaphor landscapes modelled during the evening.

In, Out, Around, About

19 July, 2010 by Marian Way

Our latest practice group focussed on prepositions: what they are and what happens when you pay attention to them...

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