Where is Clean now? Where’s it going next?

9 February, 2019 by Marian Way

Encouraging #DramaFree conversations on every continent...

Fine Tuning Your Skills

25 January, 2017 by Marian Way

A key principle in all David Grove’s work is that of iteration, which is what happens when the result of a procedure is used as the starting point for the next application of the procedure. We ask a clean question, a person responds and we then ask a clean question of that response. This is one aspect of the work that makes it so powerful; ideas build one upon another and new – or old – wisdom can emerge.

Clean Learning Around The World

9 January, 2016 by Marian Way

When Caitlin Walker was invited to speak at the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) European Conference in Sweden in September 2014, little did she know it would result in an explosion of interest in Clean Language throughout Europe.

Clean Learning is now an Approved ILM Centre

1 July, 2014 by Marian Way

One of the consequences of joining up with Training Attention is that Clean Learning is now an Approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Centre. 

Joining Forces With Training Attention: A Firm Basis For Future Development

1 July, 2014 by Marian Way

Over the last few months we have been busy restructuring our business, our offerings, our website and our team. 

I Signed A Book For Nancy Kline!

23 May, 2013 by Marian Way

International speaker, author and leader, Nancy Kline, was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Clean Conference, talking about how people think best in their own language - whether that is their own language of silence, their own language of words, their own first language, or their own first language sound.

Read the Introduction to Clean Approaches for Coaches

22 March, 2013 by Marian Way

My first book has now been published! Get a flavour of the book by reading the Introduction.

Book Launch of Clean Approaches for Coaches

14 March, 2013 by Marian Way

Pictures taken at the book launch in March 2013...

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