Client Stories

ILM Training - What Happens Next?

27 June, 2015 by Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark talks to Victoria Wilken about her experience of our ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring course, which starts in September.

A review of the “Adventures in Clean” event

26 June, 2015 by Simon Coles

Over the May bank holiday weekend I attended Adventures in Clean and thought it was worth writing up. I really wanted to go because it featured what I view as some of the rockstars of the Clean world: James Lawley; Penny Tompkins; Caitlin Walker; Marian Way: and Shaun Hotchkiss.

My Clean Adventure: Personal and Professional Development

26 June, 2015 by Lisa Wrigley

I signed up for Adventures in Clean because I wanted the professional development. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see five of the most experienced users of Clean Language doing their thing – and that was my focus for the first afternoon and most of the following day. I was watching different people come forward for clean sessions and I was writing down their words and what was happening during the sessions, as well as my own insights and Ah-ha! moments.

Stuart’s Clean Adventure: OK to be Gay

26 June, 2015 by Stuart Clark

I attended Adventures in Clean for several reasons: I've done lots of work with Clean Learning and Training Attention and most of this has centred around Systemic Modelling which uses Clean Language quite conversationally and I wanted to experience it being used as a psychotherapeutic tool; I'd been doing quite a bit of self-development with Caitlin Walker and Shaun Hotchkiss and I thought it would be a good idea to experience working with different facilitators...

My Clean Adventure; Floating Down The River

25 June, 2015 by Cathy Foster

When I first heard about Adventures in Clean way back in January I had an urge to attend. I have a number of health issues and done a lot of work on them but it had become very hard and I had lost inspiration. Then, about a month before the weekend, someone had posted a link to an article of Penny and James’s about metaphors for healing on Facebook. I remember reading it and thinking, “I really want one of those. I want an all-encompassing metaphor, that’s not just about what’s happening now.”

Less is More in Business

21 June, 2013 by Nancy Doyle

Last year my business, Genius Within, was growing and I had more and more associates working for us, delivering to a wide range of clients. I was delivering face-to-face services as well as managing the business and I was very busy, to the extent where I completely forgot a key meeting. I realised I needed to take some time to reflect, and to learn from this mistake. 

Clean Approaches for Wannabee Coaches

12 April, 2013 by Lynn Wade

Not that I was planning to become a coach, but I was increasingly desperate to do something ‘non-corporate’ with my life. I was on Eventbrite, when a catchy event title caught my eye: Clean Approaches for Coaches book launch. I googled, booked and turned up 2 days later. I liked what I heard, the people I met and the slight quirkiness of it, so I bought the book.

What impact has Clean Language had on you / your life?

6 May, 2012 by Marian Way

I am preparing to run a workshop at my Toastmasters group about planning to make an impact. I have lots of ideas about how to create an impactful speech, but my initial planning involves doing some research into the kinds of speeches that have alreadyhad an impact. 

A First Experience of Clean

21 April, 2012 by Marian Way

Sarah joined us on a Clean Learning Teleseminar and turned out to be the only participant! Here she tells of her experience of the call, which she found very beneficial.

Caitlin Walker Inspires TEDx Merseyside

20 February, 2012 by Marian Way

We are very excited that Caitlin Walker has given a talk at TEDx Merseyside, which is now available on YouTube. TEDx, an offshoot of TED Talks, encourages local people to run TED-style events which bring people together to spread worthwhile ideas. Caitlin's 20-minute talk is entitled "Clean Questions and Metaphor Models: A Language on Inquiry". In it she tells the story of her quest to find a tool that would allow people to see the rules they and other people were living by and to find ways to challenge those rules in a non-judgemental way. 

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