Clean Language

Clean in the Classroom

5 January, 2010 by Marian Way

On my very first day at infant school, I fell in love with the idea of being a teacher. How wonderful, I thought, to be standing at the front of the class telling everybody what to do. So I spent the next seventeen years working towards this ambition - and when I got my first teaching post, I walked into school feeling very proud of myself. I was a teacher at last!

Should I tell my Client I am ‘doing Clean Language’ with them?

20 October, 2009 by Marian Way

Most of my clients know I will be using Clean Language with them - the reason they come to me is because they are particularly interested in receiving this kind of facilitation. But if you are working in the corporate world as a marketing expert or a project manager should you tell your clients that you are using this tool?

Designing a Clean Workshop

3 September, 2009 by Marian Way

How can we create a workshop that's 'clean' (i.e. attempts to not give people our models, theories, ideas, suggestions, advice and metaphors but instead creates experiences that enable them to learn from themselves and others) AND which has a distinct topic?

Clean Language as a Coaching Tool

15 January, 2009 by Marian Way

Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Hampshire Coaching Group last night, I used the metaphor of Clean Language as a 'powerful tool' to illustrate the upsides and downsides of using metaphors to explain things. This metaphor is often used of Clean Language and since coaching draws from many different disciplines, it's an obvious one for coaches.

How We Explored Three Topics at Once

18 August, 2008 by Marian Way

Welcome to Maggie and Keith, who joined us for the first time this month. We explored our group metaphor (What kind of group do you want to belong to?) again and newcomers since its last outing added some ideas of their own, including: stepping out and back in again and a glass elevator. TV programmes 'The Lost Jaguar' and 'Pacific Abyss' put in an appearance, too.

What is Clean… and Clean Is Like What?

6 August, 2008 by Marian Way

I ran a session with Nancy Doyle at this year's Clean Conference, where we asked: What is Clean? Where did Clean come from? Clean is like... because... and Clean is not like... because…

Clean Set Up

14 April, 2008 by Marian Way

We started the meeting by explaining our 'melting pot' metaphor to our two new members, Karen and Rachel, who then both contributed their ideas about the kind of group they'd like to belong to. Rachel added an armchair because she wants the group to be safe and comfortable. Karen talked about the group having an intention and being vibrant and added yellow 'sparkle' to our metaphor map.

Problems, Remedies, Outcomes

20 August, 2007 by Marian Way

The theme of last night's meeting was the PRO (Problem, Remedy, Outcome) Model. This followed on from last month's meeting when we were looking at what aspects of experience to 'go for'. At the start of a session, developing the client's outcome makes it easier to know what to go for as the metaphor landscape develops: you know what you are trying to achieve. And sometimes, developing the outcome is all that is needed for the client to have a significant 'shift' in their perception.

Aspects of Experience: What Do You ‘Go For’?

16 July, 2007 by Marian Way

When you're working with someone using Clean Language, how do you decide which aspect of their experience you will get them to pay attention to?

That was the question at the heart of last night's Practice Group meeting...

Headless Chicken Gets to See the Big Picture

18 May, 2006 by Marian Way

Have you ever felt you were behaving like a headless chicken, or as though you were under a big black cloud; have you suffered from jangling nerves or painful tension in your neck and shoulders?

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