Clean Language

Where did Clean Language Come From?

3 March, 2013 by Marian Way

This is the heading of one of the pages in the book, and as I point out there, Clean Language came from David Grove.

Listening: Book Recommendations

2 March, 2013 by Marian Way

If you want to do some background reading on the topic of 'Listening", here are a few books I recommend whole-heartedly:

Clean Language Questions: Abbreviations

2 March, 2013 by Marian Way

When I am taking notes during a client session, I find it useful to write my questions as well as the client's responses.

All About Metaphor

1 March, 2013 by Marian Way

If you're reading Clean Approaches for Coaches, you'll be under no illusion as to the importance of metaphor - in our lives and central to the process of Symbolic Modelling.

Clean Language: It Really Works!

10 January, 2013 by Marian Way

A training participant has been testing Clean Language in various ways at work and with his family. His daughter Reina, 14, had been struggling with maths, so Yuji asked her some clean questions.

Clean Language Questions

10 January, 2013 by Marian Way

Clean Language consists of about 20 questions, asked in a particular way. When David Grove watched therapists at work and analysed transcripts of their client sessions, he realised they were subtly changing their clients’ words and he felt that this robbed them of their experience. So he experimented with keeping his clients’ words intact, repeating them verbatim. 

Maths: Questions & Answers With a Difference

22 June, 2012 by Marian Way

As a former maths teacher I was used to dealing with closed questions that have only one right answer, while as a Clean Language facilitator, the majority of questions I ask are open questions...

Growing Business the Clean Way

9 May, 2012 by Marian Way

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners right now is getting more clients and maintaining the focus and clarity of thought needed to do that. 

What impact has Clean Language had on you / your life?

6 May, 2012 by Marian Way

I am preparing to run a workshop at my Toastmasters group about planning to make an impact. I have lots of ideas about how to create an impactful speech, but my initial planning involves doing some research into the kinds of speeches that have alreadyhad an impact. 

A First Experience of Clean

21 April, 2012 by Marian Way

Sarah joined us on a Clean Learning Teleseminar and turned out to be the only participant! Here she tells of her experience of the call, which she found very beneficial.

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