Clean Language

The Northern Taste of Clean: 2014 Highlights

23 April, 2014 by David Brown

This was my first Northern Taste of Clean experience. Caitlin Walker and Shaun Hotchkiss hosted the event, and hospitality is something they do wonderfully well. I was expecting an interesting, perhaps challenging experience, maybe a way to develop useful skills.

10 Ways to Get Started with Clean Language

1 April, 2014 by Marian Way

Clean Language helps people to explore their own thinking in their own way, to uncover patterns that keep them stuck and to find their own creative solutions. Here are ten ways you can learn more about Clean Language, what it is and how it works:

10 Things You Can Do on Your Own to Improve Your Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling Skills

19 October, 2013 by Sue Charman

I live in the middle of the countryside in Devon. As yet, there is not a huge Clean Language presence in Devon, so I was discussing with Marian Way how to hone my skills alone. 

A Simple Guide to Meditation

19 October, 2013 by Sue Charman

A simple meditation involves being comfortably seated in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Closing your eyes, or concentrating on a flame, and allowing your eyes to focus softly and inwardly, bring a kind and gentle awareness to each area of your body to relax it. 

Clean Coaching is Green Coaching

10 September, 2013 by Sharon Small

On my way out of a small co-op health food store in San Luis Obispo the other day I saw a local green directory, Solstice, which is published for the area I live - along the Central Coast of California. I looked at the directory and was about to pass by, but something made me pick up a copy. And in that moment it dawned on me that Clean Coaching is Green Coaching.

A New Way of Learning Scales and Arpeggios.

14 August, 2013 by Ruth Huckle

A year ago, I discovered Clean Language and have just completed the Clean Facilitator Programme with Marian Way. As a classroom/instrumental music teacher, I wondered how I could use a clean approach to motivate students to take more responsibility for the learning and practice of scales.

Preview of ‘Clean Approaches for Coaches’

14 April, 2013 by Marian Way

My new book "Clean Approaches for Coaches" addresses a question a lot of new coaches have: "OK, I get it that it is about the client and their agenda and not about me giving advice, suggestions etc… but how do you do that in practice?" Starting with an overview of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, the book takes you step-by-step through the process of coaching someone using Clean Language.

Read the Introduction to Clean Approaches for Coaches

22 March, 2013 by Marian Way

My first book has now been published! Get a flavour of the book by reading the Introduction.

Book Launch of Clean Approaches for Coaches

14 March, 2013 by Marian Way

Pictures taken at the book launch in March 2013...

Body Metaphors

7 March, 2013 by Marian Way

On page 73 of Clean Approaches for Coaches, I mention that I have collected over 600 'body' metaphors. To start with, here are all those that relate to the head...

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