Listening & Language Quiz

4 February, 2016 by Marian Way

The second of a set of seven quizzes you can use to test your knowledge of Clean Approaches for Coaches. This second quiz covers Listening & Language.

Slow Learning

4 February, 2016 by Marian Way

An example of ‘slow learning’ occurred during a recent clean coaching session when my client, Nick, had started with an outcome of wanting ‘a vision of my own’ but, despite exploring many avenues, was not coming up with anything he was happy with.

How to Promote Clarity, Understanding and Cooperation within a Team or Business

30 January, 2016 by Marian Way

During her recent trip to Malaysia, Caitlin was interviewed by BFM radio about Clean Language and how it can be used to avoid misunderstandings and promote clarity in teams and businesses. 

Clean Language: It’s effective, it’s efficient and it’s gentle.

10 January, 2016 by Marian Way

This great video was created by my friend Bev Martin, who hosts our trainings in Portland, Oregon. Bev recently interviewed one of last year's Clean Language: Core Skills participants, Susan Liesemer. Susan is a therapist and healer who uses massage, NLP and hypnotherapy - and now Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling - to work with her clients. 

Reflection in Education

9 January, 2016 by Marian Way

Within Teacher Education, a key issue is helping students to understand how to reflect, what to reflect on and when to engage in the process that leads to high quality reflection and learning. Systemic Modelling and clean questions are tools that give student teachers the ‘how’ of reflection. Find out how they were used to improve results at Liverpool John Moores University.

Clean Learning Around The World

9 January, 2016 by Marian Way

When Caitlin Walker was invited to speak at the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) European Conference in Sweden in September 2014, little did she know it would result in an explosion of interest in Clean Language throughout Europe.

New Set of Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge of Clean Approaches for Coaches: Quiz 1

8 January, 2016 by Marian Way

The first of a set of seven quizzes you can use to test your knowledge of Clean Approaches for Coaches. This first quiz covers the Introduction. 

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the P.R.O. (Problem, Remedy, Outcome) Model?

6 January, 2016 by Marian Way

A key Clean Language question is "And what would you like to have happen?" However, just because you ask someone this question doesn't mean they will respond with a desired outcome. Sometimes, they will tell you what they don't want (a problem) or their response may sound like a desired outcome (e.g. "I would like find a way to eliminate this issue") - but it is more of a wish for the problem to be reduced or to go away, rather than an indication of what they truly want. Take our quiz to see how well you know the P.R.O. Model.

Living with Ambiguity

24 December, 2015 by Marian Way

A couple of words often used in association with Clean Language are ‘curiosity’ and ‘neutrality’. A Clean Language coach is accepting of everything a client says, not favouring one piece of information over another, but remaining neutral - like an impartial observer. 

Metaphors And Their Use Within Clean Language Coaching

7 December, 2015 by Marian Way

From Shakespeare to Shelley and from advertisers to politicians, people across the world have leveraged the effects of metaphor to convey new ideas and concepts and to appeal to our emotions.