The Kaiser Chiefs’ Creative Process

16 February, 2007 by Marian Way

On Radio 2 this morning, Alex Lester interviewed the Kaiser Chiefs (the inde rock band) about their creative process.

Creative / Not Creative

8 February, 2007 by Marian Way

When I am working on the 'technical' bits of a website - choosing colours, getting columns to line up properly in a table, or buying stock photos, for example - I often wonder whether other people would describe the process as 'creative'.

Diana Orders Up Holiday Sunshine - and Gets It!

9 November, 2006 by Marian Way

What happened when Diana Gibbs jokingly remarked that she’d like some sunshine for her holiday.

Headless Chicken Gets to See the Big Picture

18 May, 2006 by Marian Way

Have you ever felt you were behaving like a headless chicken, or as though you were under a big black cloud; have you suffered from jangling nerves or painful tension in your neck and shoulders?

Healing a Physical Symptom at Long Distance

31 December, 2004 by Marian Way

How Judy Yero healed her wrist using email coaching from Marian.

A Heart that Knows

19 September, 2004 by Marian Way

When I attended the NLP Conference at Regent's Park in June 1999, little did I realise that this was the first in a number of steps that would change my life.

Moving Forward

4 August, 2004 by Marian Way

If you want to move forward or get ahead, you're not alone. For many of us, life is a journey or pathway and taking certain steps will mean we end up where we want to go. This is a common metaphor that pervades everyday speech: I'd like to move forward; we've come a long way; my life has ground to a halt; I need to change direction; he's always one step ahead; she's at a crossroads in her career.

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