Healing a Physical Symptom at Long Distance

31 December, 2004 by Marian Way

How Judy Yero healed her wrist using email coaching from Marian.

A Heart that Knows

19 September, 2004 by Marian Way

When I attended the NLP Conference at Regent's Park in June 1999, little did I realise that this was the first in a number of steps that would change my life.

Moving Forward

4 August, 2004 by Marian Way

If you want to move forward or get ahead, you're not alone. For many of us, life is a journey or pathway and taking certain steps will mean we end up where we want to go. This is a common metaphor that pervades everyday speech: I'd like to move forward; we've come a long way; my life has ground to a halt; I need to change direction; he's always one step ahead; she's at a crossroads in her career.