A Really Clean Evening

21 July, 2008 by Marian Way

Practice Group Report Welcome to Janet, who joined us for the first time this month. The evening was 'really clean' because there really was nothing planned in advance, so it was up to the group to decide. Various suggestions were put forward - from watching more of Caitlin's video to 'swapping metaphors'. What we finally settled on was a 'double demo' (Marian working with two people at once) so those who wanted a 'client' experience got that and those who wanted to see a demo got that.

Feeling to a Metaphor

9 June, 2008 by Marian Way

With no meeting in May, it was good to get together again for our June meeting. We welcomed three new members to the group: Neil, Joy and Richard. To get them into the swing of things, we explained our group metaphor and then a few of us described what 'Clean' is. Then we found out whether there was anything in particular people wanted to have happen during the evening, which produced one request from Juliet for a demonstration and one from Sally to look at Caitlin Walker's DVD. As Marian had it in mind to consider 'feeling to a metaphor', this became the content for the demonstration. Then we worked in groups, developing one anothers' metaphors for feelings, good and bad. This brought about some interesting and thought-provoking insights for the 'clients' in a relatively short amount of time.

Clean Set Up

14 April, 2008 by Marian Way

We started the meeting by explaining our 'melting pot' metaphor to our two new members, Karen and Rachel, who then both contributed their ideas about the kind of group they'd like to belong to. Rachel added an armchair because she wants the group to be safe and comfortable. Karen talked about the group having an intention and being vibrant and added yellow 'sparkle' to our metaphor map.

Then What Happens?

17 March, 2008 by Marian Way

We started the evening intending to model sequences... and although there were some diversions along the way, that is what we practised in our small groups towards the end of the evening.

Green, Red & Amber Zones

18 February, 2008 by Marian Way

We welcomed Peter to our group this month and this time started with our metaphor of the kind of group we want to belong to. Those who hadn't previously added to our 'melting pot' did so, and our updated picture is shown here. It now boasts a green heart shaped cake, which emerged because it is something that can be cut through, and Clean Language cuts through issues. It is heart shaped because of the safety and security in the group. In addition, our explorer now not only goes out to seek new lands, but also has a path to come back to the inside - to explore inner worlds.

Modelling Conversationally

21 January, 2008 by Marian Way

We welcomed three new members to our group this month: Jackie, Sally and Cathy. And, rather belatedly (i.e. right at the end of the meeting), we shared with them our metaphor for how we want the group to be. Thanks, Nigel, for reminding us of this.

At the start of the meeting we acknowledged what a wonderful legacy David Grove has left us and how sad it is that he has died.

As our 'open space' meeting last month had gone well, we used that approach again.

When You Elicit a Metaphor, Then What Happens?

10 December, 2007 by Marian Way

We started this month’s meeting with an ‘Open Space’ type beginning, by asking for ideas about how we could spend our time together.

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

19 November, 2007 by Marian Way

Welcome to Diana and Stuart!

This month we used a Practice Group activity Penny Tompkins posted on the Clean Forum a few years ago: 'Flexibility with the Number of Questions Asked Per Minute'. (Thanks, Penny!) And with three rounds and each one taking about half an hour, we knew we'd have get started early on in the evening. So there was little time for chat before we launched into 'Speeding Up and Slowing Down'.

Developing a Perception

29 October, 2007 by Marian Way

Welcome to Julie, Juliet, Jo and Lisa!

This month we took as our theme one of the basic building blocks of Clean Language - developing an individual perception.

Problems, Remedies, Outcomes (2)

17 September, 2007 by Marian Way

Having spent some time in August practicing how to develop outcomes, during our September meeting we focussed on helping the client to pay attention to the structure of their problems...