Modelling Conversationally

21 January, 2008 by Marian Way

We welcomed three new members to our group this month: Jackie, Sally and Cathy. And, rather belatedly (i.e. right at the end of the meeting), we shared with them our metaphor for how we want the group to be. Thanks, Nigel, for reminding us of this.

At the start of the meeting we acknowledged what a wonderful legacy David Grove has left us and how sad it is that he has died.

As our 'open space' meeting last month had gone well, we used that approach again.

When You Elicit a Metaphor, Then What Happens?

10 December, 2007 by Marian Way

We started this month’s meeting with an ‘Open Space’ type beginning, by asking for ideas about how we could spend our time together.

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

19 November, 2007 by Marian Way

Welcome to Diana and Stuart!

This month we used a Practice Group activity Penny Tompkins posted on the Clean Forum a few years ago: 'Flexibility with the Number of Questions Asked Per Minute'. (Thanks, Penny!) And with three rounds and each one taking about half an hour, we knew we'd have get started early on in the evening. So there was little time for chat before we launched into 'Speeding Up and Slowing Down'.

Developing a Perception

29 October, 2007 by Marian Way

Welcome to Julie, Juliet, Jo and Lisa!

This month we took as our theme one of the basic building blocks of Clean Language - developing an individual perception.

Problems, Remedies, Outcomes (2)

17 September, 2007 by Marian Way

Having spent some time in August practicing how to develop outcomes, during our September meeting we focussed on helping the client to pay attention to the structure of their problems...

Problems, Remedies, Outcomes

20 August, 2007 by Marian Way

The theme of last night's meeting was the PRO (Problem, Remedy, Outcome) Model. This followed on from last month's meeting when we were looking at what aspects of experience to 'go for'. At the start of a session, developing the client's outcome makes it easier to know what to go for as the metaphor landscape develops: you know what you are trying to achieve. And sometimes, developing the outcome is all that is needed for the client to have a significant 'shift' in their perception.

Aspects of Experience: What Do You ‘Go For’?

16 July, 2007 by Marian Way

When you're working with someone using Clean Language, how do you decide which aspect of their experience you will get them to pay attention to?

That was the question at the heart of last night's Practice Group meeting...

Melting Pot Emerges from 1st Meeting

18 June, 2007 by Marian Way

Last night was the first meeting of the new Clean Language Practice Group for the Hampshire and West Sussex area.

Seven people attended and we spent the time asking each other Clean Language questions to determine what kind of group we want to be...

Modelling Change: Giving Up Smoking

23 March, 2007 by Marian Way

Clean Language can be used in many different contexts and for different reasons. For example, you can use it simply to model different aspects of experience. I have always been very interested in how change happens, so decided to use Clean Language to model a change that my husband experienced....

Creativity is Change

17 February, 2007 by Marian Way

Musing about creativity and wondering what it might be, since it is not a thing, it occurred to me that there are aspects of the creative process that are similar to the process of change in general.