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Following a Maths degree and an initial career in IT / Quality, Keith’s career has taken many twists an turns and he now works as a Business Transformation Project Manager for a large global company. 

Keith is a qualified project manager (PMP), a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt and expert in the use of CMMI, a model for improving organisational performance. He does huge amounts of process improvement / facilitation / coaching work at individual, department, functional & company level.

He stumbled across Clean Language several years ago and has become a passionate advocate, using it at work and in his voluntary work as a Samaritan. He sees Clean Language as "an idea whose time has come" and is passionate about spreading the word. You can book Keith as a speaker to talk on how to use Clean Language in project management and organisational settings.

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"The session was really enjoyable and insightful. It gets you to very quickly see things from a different perspective of ‘what do you want the outcome to be’. The benefits are that it's brilliantly simple to try and it works. On my first attempt at implementing the technique of ‘Clean Language’ on my return to the office, I successfully managed to reframe the conversation with a colleague and used their language in the exchange. The outcome was truly enlightening with positive results. Overall a more positive conversation was had today as a result of trying the technique. A big thank you!"
Lockheed Martin Senior Project Manager

"Thank you for today’s session. It was perfectly timed to help me see a particular work challenge differently applying the ‘Clean Language’ and the drama triangle principles. It was so helpful as an enabler to get to the solution and desired outcome. I am now motivated to go try and put it into practice. I will keep you posted on the outcomes."
Senior Manager at Lockheed Martin