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What is the Whirly Gig?

The Whirly Gig It is actually a gyroscope with a seat that can be moved through 360°. It was devised by David Grove as a way to enable people to orient themselves at any position within 3D space and find out what they know there. David postulated that experiences and traumas are laid down in the body, and that therapies which involve sitting and talking do not allow the body access to those memories, because the body is not in the right position. 

During a Whirly Gig session, the client is strapped into the seat and instructs the facilitator to move the gyroscope from side to side, forward and back or up and down, until they find a position or orientation that feels right for them. The facilitator may then ask them clean questions about what they know, before they move to another position. This enables the body to remember, or release, trauma that it has held onto, often unconsciously.

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