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What is Emergent Knowledge?

Emergent Knowledge is one of the last processes developed by David Grove before his untimely death in 2008. It is a process of self-discovery which involves the iterative use of clean questions. 

A session starts with the facilitator instructing the client to write or draw something they'd like to know more about or something they'd like to have happen. The client then places their writing or drawing where they'd like it to be and the facilitator asks, "And what do you know here?" followed by, "And what else do you know?" - a total of six times. The facilitator then invites the client to put the new information that has emerged onto their paper, and then repeats the cycle of six questions again, until six sets of questions have been asked. As the client moves from space to space and answers the questions, now information emerges from the unconscious mind. 

The process engages the client in finding their own ideas or solutions, while the facilitator stands outside the process and does not comment, add, discuss or analyse any of the content. "It is about the profound trust we can have in the truth of each individual's own knowing." (Jennifer de Gandt)

To find out more about Emergent Knowledge, read "The Power of Six" by Philip Harland or visit The Powers of Six website.

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