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What is Clean Space?

Clean Space is a facilitation process that emerged out of David Grove's continued search for a way to facilitate clients effectively and efficiently to do the personal work they need to do with the least possible interference from a facilitator. 

In a Clean Space session, the facilitator invites the client to find different physical spaces (usually in a room, although it can be anywhere) to represent different aspects of their thinking. The client moves from space to space, pausing in each one to consider what they know there. In this way, they build up a network of connections between the many thoughts, feelings and ideas in their mind and body.

Exploring this spatial network is like travelling down the pathways of the mind. The effect may be hard to describe but the process is supremely simple to facilitate. Typically people are surprised at the new understanding which arises apparently out of nowhere. Change happens naturally as a result of the client's system becoming more aware of its own organisation. 

Clean Space is a very flexible process that can be adapted in hundreds of ways to solve problems, to stimulate creativity, to prepare for exams (it's like walking around your own personalised mind map), and as a generative development process. And it can be used with couples, groups and teams to access 'the wisdom in the system'.

If you'd like to learn this simple yet powerful coaching process, click here to see our upcoming Clean Space events. 

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