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Shaun Hotchkiss



Shaun is a facilitator of groups and organisations. He has a strong, calm energy for managing drama and conflict. He is also a UKCP registered psychotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner and a consultant, coach and facilitator who supervises other therapists, coaches and facilitators. He worked and travelled with David Grove in the UK and New Zealand while he was developing Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge - David was his good friend. He inherited the “Whirly Gig” and runs regular retreats and trainings.

Shaun organises the Northern Taste of Clean and he also cooks a great curry. He is married to Caitlin Walker and they have three children. 

Working with Shaun is like going to an adventure playground. All of the equipment and structures are there and each one is fun and safe to play on, and there is always the experience of something new emerging.