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Sarah Scarratt


Sarah is a certified Systemic Modelling and Clean Language facilitator with experience of working with groups and teams in education, the health service and in her own family-run business. Running her own business for 19 years has given Sarah great insights into the challenges faced by employers, especially when it comes to team-building, managing conflict, juggling customer demands with ever-increasing administrative and regulatory pressures, time management, recruitment, training and customer service.

Based in the Loire valley, France, the sudden shift to online work has given Sarah the opportunity to join our team at Clean Learning where she’s delighted to be delivering the Clean For Teams programme.  

Sarah has recently completed our Clean Interviewing course and was delighted to be awarded an Advanced pass.  She has also received accreditation from the ILM, receiving her Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.


Sarah and Rachel facilitated a thrilling, vivid and emergent learning experience - Systemic Modelling Level 0 - which provided access to new dimensions.