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Alison Blackler


Alison Blacker is a Certified Master Practitioner in NLP and NLP Master Coach, has a Coaching and Mentoring in Clean Language at ILM Level 5 and Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Level 5. She has extensive experience in human behaviour and change management through over 20 years within the NHS working in clinical settings, primary care and through senior strategic roles. She is a vibrant, enthusiastic coach, facilitator and works energetically to enable individuals and teams to be their best and reach their maximum potential. She has a natural ability to engage with people, both adults and young people, is positive, forward thinking and believes that all people have the resources within.

Alison specialises in 1:1 when she will enthuse and inspire you to identify, set and achieve goals that will empower you and your team. She believes that people increasing their own self-confidence and their self esteem, having self respect and self worth are the vital ingredients in creating a fulfilled and happy life, and the people are the essential components of a successful business. Alison has loved adding Clean Language to her toolkit and feels that her development journey has continued. She also works as a coach with Genius Within, coaching people with neuro diverse conditions, specifically dyslexia and dyspraxia. Alison has extensive experience at designing and delivering workshops and seminars.

Alison manages our ILM programme as well as teaching on it. She was previously an ILM marker so has extensive knowledge on how to pass the assignments. 😊


Alison Blackler’s coaching involving the use of Clean Language has helped me totally reframe my life and understand my emotions. She has helped me let go of past negative emotions and plan and create a wonderful new future for myself full of positivity and free from self-limiting beliefs. If you want help to really find out what you want from life, and then get a strategy in place for how to get it – you need to see Alison .. pure and simple! This is all about a higher learning of self – which I find incredibly interesting and totally freeing …”


Alison was supportive and great at constructively pointing out where there were inadvertent gaps in writing up the three assignments. This helped me focus and kept one of my least favourite activities manageable. The impact was that I kept my motivation going as I knew Alison would encourage me every time I flagged.

Marjorie Raymond, Occupational Psychologist